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News > Getting rid of Live Messenger 8.0 and re-installing MSN Messenger 7.5
Getting rid of Live Messenger 8.0 and re-installing MSN Messenger 7.5
Posted by admin on Saturday, July 22, 2006 (10:29:30) (13345 reads)
MSN Messenger 7 & MSN 7.5

Ever since the release of Live Messenger 8.0, we've received a lot of comments from users wishing to get back their trusty old MSN Messenger 7.5.

Things have changed quite a lot in the new Messenger 8.0, a lot of the interfaces are different and some tasks are now done in a different way. When upgrading from a previous version of Messenger (like MSN 7.5), Messenger 8.0 may be a little bit daunting and all of these changes can be overwhelming to some users. This is a very serious issue, and some users prefer to go back to the previous version of Messenger.

Luckily, there are 2 options if you want Messenger 7.5 back:

  1. Install both Messenger 8.0 and 7.5 on your computer:
    You can do so by reading This Guide

  2. Uninstall Live Messenger 8.0 and get MSN 7.5
    Find out how by reading This Article

The main issue that is causing grief for users is the fact that Microsoft no longer offers MSN Messenger 7.5 directly to users who are eligible for using Windows Live Messenger, and only displays this option on the official Messenger website.

Although this solves the issue, MSN Messenger 7.5 will eventually be phased out and Windows Live Messenger will be the only available option, but this is nto likely to happen for quite some time.

Here are some of the recent comments we've received regarding uninstalling Live Messenger 8.0 and then getting MSN Messenger 7.5 back:

My little brother tried to download Windows Live Messenger and when he did the MSN Messenger 7.5 would not work for us and we do not know how to work the new windows live so we are tryin to get MSN Messenger 7.5 back. how do I do that?

I've recently downloaded the new MSN Messenger 8. Every time I go to sign it takes a very long time. I'm on broadband but it still signs in very slow. with MSN 7.5 it took a few seconds but now that I've got version 8 it takes forever and a day. I hope u can help with this problem.

I got the new Messenger 8.0 but I couldnt figure out how to use it so I got rid of it to get back MSN Messenger 7.5, but it wont let me download MSN 7.5 and I really need it back! I wish I had never changed my MSN Messenger.

I would like to uninstall the new MSN Messenger because it does not let anyone on my computer sign on! I would like to have the old one back but everytime I try to download it it comes up with the new one!

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