MSN Name Maker Added: Make MSN Nicknames
Sunday, January 22, 2006 (04:57:38)

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A new MSN Names tools has been added to the website: the MSN Name Maker! This tool helps you with making an MSN Name for yourself. You simply enter your name and the MSN Nickname Maker will make nicknames for you!

You can always find the MSN Name Maker from our Main Menu to your left, or directly go to the MSN Name Maker

Making a fresh MSN Name has never been easier with the MSN Name Maker!

Here is an example of MSN Nicknames made for someone named 'John' by the MSN Names Maker:

Cool and Funny Names
  • Have no fear, John is here!
  • God made earth, God made fruits... God made John really cute!
  • John is in da house!
  • Cats have nine lives, humans have one... If you mess with John you'll have none!
  • WOW! John is so cool (H)
  • Don't fear, John is here, with lots of beer! (B)
  • This Is John... John Says HI!!
  • (^^(-_-)^^) John (^^(-_-)^^)
  • \\m//(-_-)\\m// - John - \\m//(-_-)\\m//
  • -> (H)(H) John (H)(H) <-
  • -= :: John :: =-
  • /\/\/\/[. John .]\/\/\/\
  • <(*_*)>...:... John ...:...<(*_*)>
  • <--[ John ]-->

We hope you enjoy using the Name Maker for MSN!

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