Santa comes to Messenger! Santa chat bot comes to Messenger for Christmas
Friday, December 15, 2006 (00:51:46)

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Santa is on Messenger this Christmas!

The folks at MSN have pulled it off again this Christmas by getting Santa Claus to start using Windows Live Messenger!

You can add the bot to Messenger and have a traditional "sit-down" with Santa. Add Santa to your Messenger contact list using the address You can also read his blog by visiting his Spaces Page.

Christmas MSN Display Pictures

Although users of Yahoo Messenger are now able to add and chat with Live Messenger contacts, this doesn't seem to be the case with this particular bot.

If you're looking for a deep, lengthy and meaningful conversation with father Christmas, you might want to look elsewhere, however, you can still have some entertaining conversation with him.

MessengerTools.Net says:
I'm naughty
Santa Claus says:
Naughty, eh? Do you want me to put you on the naughty list?
MessengerTools.Net says:
Santa Claus says:
You're naughty, then.
Better be nice to him, because Santa will remember if you've been naughty!
MessengerTools.Net says:
I hate you Santa, you suck!
Santa Claus says:
I don't see any reason to use language like that.
MessengerTools.Net says:
Am I nice?
Santa Claus says:
I'm checking the list. I better check twice, though. You've been very, very, very, very naughty.
MessengerTools.Net says:
Can I get a Playstation 3?
Santa Claus says:
Unfortunately, you're on my naughty list right now.

If you prefer a more informative Messenger chat bot, check out the Encarta Messenger Chat Bot. Here's what it had to say about Santa Claus:

Santa Claus is the legendary bringer of gifts at Christmas. He is generally depicted as a fat, jolly man with a white beard, dressed in a red suit trimmed with white, and driving a sleigh full of toys drawn through the air by eight reindeer. Santa (also called Saint Nicholas and Saint Nick) is said to visit on Christmas Eve, entering houses through the chimney to leave presents under the Christmas tree and in the stockings of all good children...

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