Why can't I download MSN Messenger 7.5?
Saturday, October 29, 2005 (18:55:49)

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If you are running Windows 98 or even Windows 2000 you may be wondering why you are not able to download or install the latest MSN Messenger 7.5.

This is due to the fact that MSN 7.5 only runs on Windows XP or newer (such as Windows XP Pro, Windows Server 2003, and even Windows Vista). Users of previous Windows versions will be prompted to download MSN Messenger 7.0 when they visit the official MSN Messenger website (messenger.msn.com).

This is not a mistake on your part or and error from Microsoft (Although Microsoft has not clearly explained this on their website to avoid this confusion).

If you are running an older system such as Windows 98, it might be time to upgrade.

It is also quite likely that MSN Messenger 8.0 will also require Windows XP or newer to run, but there is no way to currently confirm this.

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