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Cute MSN Names

Here you will find lots of Cute MSN Names for use in MSN Messenger. Some of the cutest and sweetest names for MSN are placed here in this category. Browse through the Cute MSN Names below.

Category has all of the Cute screen names, cute MSN Nicknames and cute MSN Quotes you could need for MSN Messenger and more!

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Cute Names for MSN Messenger

Lots and lots of Cute MSN Names!

  • I'd rather spend one minute holding you...than a lifetime knowing I never could
  • Dear God make me a bird, so i can fly far far away from here.
  • Did the sun just come out or did you just smile at me?
  • I'm like a butterfly.. pretty to see, hard to catch
  • Life is 4 living, Love is for giving!
  • (L) I dont know when you will be here, I dont know where you're gone, so I will sit here, waiting for the dawn

Yet more Cute MSN Names

  • Cool, bad, but cute!
  • Cruel but Cute, so I'm worth it!
  • I'm Cool, I'm cute, I'm gonna kick you with my boot!
  • I luv u 4eva n always 2 da end... I cant live without u cuz ur my best frend...
  • Your a special friend like the many different species of turtles... u r unique in many special ways... be yourself!
  • (l)Im a little cabbage broken into two, my leaves I give to others, my heart I give to u (l)
  • (L)When a friend walks in, The whole World walks Out(L)

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